Riverside County Blood Cleanup Narrative

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Before the late 20th century, few Riverside County people ever thought of paying for blood cleanup in their homes. Here's a couple reasons they choos to do blood cleanup in their homes. For one, it was cheaper than hiring a professional Riverside County blood cleanup practitioner, few of which existed before the late 20th century. Two, most people believed there was no need to hire a Riverside County blood cleanup professional where anyone could easily do blood cleanup in their home. They would ask, "why would I hire somebody to clean up this blood when I can do it myself for free?"

These ideas make excellent sense. It wasn't until the late 19th century that the theory of germs appeared, the germ theory of disease. And then, it took decades for the gGrm Theory of Disease to sink into the human consciousness. Even to this day, many people fail to wash their hands after using the restroom. On their hands, they carried their fecal matter to public places, and in these public places, germs spread from their human feces. We might think the same biological mechanism works when it comes to the spread of bacteria from human blood. We would be correct in some ways; overall, usually, blood germs will not remain infectious as long is germs in human feces.

For one, viruses and bacertia, "germs," in human feces linger for days given the conditions. Viruses in human blood do not remain "viral" for long when in the wild. In human blood, viruses need a protective environment provided inside arteries and veins. Once in the open air, they begin to die off quickly, even in Riverside County.

It's the same for bacteria and germs in human feces. Althugh, feces has a protective quality about it, while blood dries quickly, and as it dries, bacteria die off. Both blood and feces indeed have a "cascading structure," which amounts to a shell-like structure that may, at times, protect viruses and bacteria within. Like turtle shells emptied of their contents, when placed on the back of another, one upon another, their cascading, protective layer protects both bacteria and viruses for both blood and feces. But it's in blood that these "germs" become most at risk for destruction by living in the wild, the open air.

So, today, Riverside County residents and businesses have reason to hire Riverside County blood cleanup professionals.