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I'm Eddie Evans and I have over 18 years of blood cleanup experience. I guarantee my work and I guarantee my price. I quote a blood cleanup price on the telephone. I ask callers to send an email with a time, place, the quoted price, and if possible, a short description of the blood cleanup needs.

I do not have any connections to Orange County Sheriff-Coroner Department employees. This means that I will not pay anyone for sending clinets to my Mission Viejo blood cleanup business. It also means that whatever I charge for my blood cleanup service reflects my time, efforts, expenses, and profit, not a referral fee paid to an Orange County employee brokering blood cleanup services with their tax payer paid job.

Other Mission Viejo blood cleanup companies receive blood cleanup referrals from coroner employees. It is not the county's place to referr families to businesses in need of homicide, suicide, or unattended death cleanup services.

Blood cleanup content found on this web site relates to Mission Viejo cleaning involved with human blood following violent deaths and unattended deaths. . More academic and practical writing related to blood cleanup and homicide will be found at crimescenecleanup.com. More involved narratives on cronyism in Orange Blood will also be found.

Mission Viejo Blood Cleanup Experience

Over 18 years traumatic blood cleanup experience. A business leader in blood cleanup for over 18 years. Highly trained, does own cleaning, insured, bonded, licensed, guaranteed price and work. Receive an email locking in you price and work to be done before work even begins. This way you know that you have the best cleaning company available for Orange Ciounty residents and businesses.

My history for fighting cronyism in California's sheriff-coroner departments goes back to around 2005. It proves too much for one person. There's no way that alone I can help stop coroner employees from sending families to corrupt blood cleanup companies.

Helping Mission Viejo onsumers find crime scene cleaners in Orange_Blood is next to impossible. employees intervene and send those grieving families in need of help to crony crime scene cleanup companies in Mission Viejo. Since you reached this page, you will find better prices and great service.

I now use Mission Viejo feces cleanup services to help finance my Mission Viejo consumer advocate work for Mission Viejo victims' families. It of no use I can see because this form of government corruption, cronyism, spread nationwide. It's just too lucrative for those few bad county and city government employees.

Will will notice duplicate content below. There's a good reason for this. It helps Mission Viejo families and Mission Viejo businesses in need of blood cleanup help.

I clean up blood following Mission Viejo homicide, suicide, unattended deaths, decomposition, traumatic blood loss incidents and more. I have cleaned biohazard environments for about seven years. I live in Mission Viejo and have lived in Cypress for about thirty-five years.

Mission Viejo Blood Cleanup Guarantee

My work is guaranteed. This means that I will clean my best. If for some reason you are not satisfied, I will return and reclean whatever needs to be recleaned.

I also offer ozone treatment for wide area decontamination. I use this machine following large blood loss contamination to reduce or remove the death odor.

Visit eddieevans.com for more Mission Viejo information about my blood cleanup services.

Mission Viejo Blood Cleanup and Homicide

Violent homicides cause us to wonder about the role of intoxication in homicides. Scholarly Psychological studies have shown that confrontation leads to aggressive behavior in some people involved in competitive environments. This "competition paradigm" suggests the formal and informal social control mechanisms present influence the the nature intoxication and violence.

An open area in a public park during dark hours would give the appearance of less social control than the same park in daylight on a holiday. We could expect less violence in the day hours from alcohol induced behavior. As an outcome less violence leads to fewer traumatic injuries and homicides.

We know more about alcohol use and homicide than about drug abuse and homicide. Because alcohol has the status of a regulated drug research related to intoxication and homicide blossoms.

Mission Viejo alcohol use shows a higher incidence of involvement in homicide than other drugs. The availability of alcohol plays some role in its relationship to aggression and homicide.

For family related issues, research shows that violence in families plays a part in contributing to alcohol abuse by women. As they experienced violence related to alcohol in their childhood, they experience violence as adults.

For a while, many people recall a death scene whenever a loose association is made to it. A male urinating while standing may associate the urine odor with the death scene. The acrid, acidic odors of urine resemble death scene odors because urine is contained in the death scene fluids. Entering a butcher shop will do the same, both visually and by olfaction.

Undesirable Affects of Blood Cleanup

Parosmia is the result, a distorted peception arising from real, airborne molecules triggering unpleasant memories.
As a psycho-somatic cue for the death scene's trauma inducing responses, the subject may easily recall the traumatic scene with a tightening of muscles and restricted vascular flow. This is in essence the fight-or-flight response of any animal when confronted by a threat, real or imagined.

It becomes obvious that Mission Viejo children and others exposed to a death scene created by violence or decomposition may suffer emotionally later, which may be framed as Post Traumatic Stress Syndrone (PTS). Any decomposition death scene has the potential to do the same. Emotional cues are instilled by traumatic scenes, whatever their cause.
Mission Viejo social workers and others involved with victims of crime and other traumatic evens would do well to consider the victims of crime links above.

Affordable Mission Viejo Bohazard Cleanup and what it means.

Biohazard cleanup serves as a general categorization of blood cleanup businesses. Crime scene cleanup applies to more specific blood cleanup activities, but often overlap with blood cleanup activities. Or, biohazard cleanup means that a blood cleanup technician receives pay for removing an unsightly blood and tissue loss. Blood cleanup following a violent crime scene often calls for a professional cleaner. We call these cleaners "crime scene cleanup technicians."

When we add the word affordable to blood cleanup, we're thinking in terms of hundreds, as opposed to thousands of dollars. For biohazard cleanup services related to violent crime scenes, hundreds of dollars means "affordable."

Be sure to visit Crime Scene Cleanup Directory for more affordable cleaning services following violent crimes, violent suicides, and unattended deaths with decomposition.

Crime Scene Cleanup Website

Many other Mission Viejo blood cleanup web pages on the Internet offer other trauma cleanup services. It's worth while, some times, to look further for more service. I keep crime scene cleanup training up to help inform against evil doers in the crime scene cleanup business. It turns out that blood cleanup became an opportunity for some people to mislead others. Training and crime scene cleanup schools both entice people into the professional blood cleanup business. There's little to no chance of actually landing a job in this biohazard cleanup business.